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6th Grade Dedication Pages for Purchase!

Hey, 6th graders! Your time at Falcon has been filled with exciting discoveries and memorable moments, and now it’s your chance to shine in our yearbook! Exclusively for you, we’re offering a special dedication page to make your mark on Falcon Academy’s history.

  • Exclusive 1/8 Page: Every 6th grader gets a complimentary 1/8 page to showcase individual achievements or group accomplishments.

  • Upgrade to More Exclusive Real Estate:

    • 📓 1/4 Page: Expand your space to share additional memories or personal messages.
    • 📘 1/2 Page: Double the size for a more in-depth look at your experiences and friendships.
    • 📕 Full Page: Go all-in with a full page to encapsulate the essence of your 6th-grade journey at Falcon Academy.

This exclusive dedication page is your canvas to express and immortalize the incredible moments you’ve shared throughout the year. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, a tribute to a favorite teacher, or a snapshot of a memorable event, make your mark on Falcon Academy’s history.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Reserve your exclusive space now and make your 6th-grade yearbook experience truly unforgettable.

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